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Quality Care comes from the Heart or sometimes the Esophagus!


Liberty Commons of Columbus County has a heart for providing quality care to their short and long-term care resident’s. Mary Wheatley, Speech Language Pathologist, in particular, has taken an interest in expanding her knowledge about conditions that affect swallowing. A Speech language pathologist evaluates, diagnoses and treats deficits related to speech, language and swallowing because of congenital causes, neurological accidents or illnesses.

Mary has paired up with a local surgeon and has been observing EGD procedures. EGD’s are diagnostic procedures that visualize the esophagus, stomach and duodenum in order to diagnose structural or functional problems. By observing this procedure, it has allowed Mary to view the actual anatomy involved in swallowing and some of the conditions causing the problem. It has helped her understand and visualize some of the frequent diagnosis seen on the EGD. Mary says, “It has deepened my knowledge and has been a benefit to the residents I treat as I am now able to answer more of their questions regarding their diagnosis”.

Swallowing problems most commonly can be caused by a stroke, but at times other conditions exist such as acid reflux and loss of muscle tone. Signs of swallowing problems may include, frequent choking on food, pain when swallowing or reoccurring pneumonia. If you experience any of these problems, you should see your health care provider.

Whatever the problem you or your loved one may be experiencing, you can rest assured that the rehabilitation team at Liberty Commons of Columbus County has your best interest at heart! For more information about the rehabilitation services at Liberty Commons of Columbus County, contact Amber Robinson, Rehab Director or Sherri Worrell, Admissions Director at 910-642-4245.

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